Edinburgh is Born

After the Bronze Age, the Votadini, the Romans, and the Gododdin the new inhabitants of the Edinburgh area were the Angles. They were a Germanic tribe that attacked Edinburgh in 637. The Angles were the people who became the English and it's them who started the Scotland/England rivalry. The other thing they did was change the name from Din Eidyn to Edinburgh, the “Fortress of Eidyn”. In the 10th Century, King Indulf made Edinburgh Scottish again but he kept the name. The Scottish city of Edinburgh was created.

Illustration: The Angles
inhabitant (n)
a person that lives in a place.
rivalry (n)
two groups competing for the same thing.
  1. Who were the Angles? A Germanic tribe that became the English.
  2. What big changes did they make? They changed the name of the city to Edinburgh.