Now that the Votadini and Romans were neighbours and not enemies, the people living in the Edinburgh area started trading with Roman England. The Votadini on the Castle hill experienced Roman culture, food, ideas and technology but were still free to do what they wanted. This is a little bit like what was to come later. Edinburgh was close to England but not controlled by down south. Edinburgh has always been a bit ahead of the rest of Scotland, but also maybe a bit more English.

Illustration: Romans

The Romans left Britain in the 5th Century. The new people living around the Castle Hill were the Picts. The Picts were the “Painted People” who painted themselves blue when fighting the Romans. They were the first people to make the Castle Rock the centre of their power. The Lothian tribe of the Picts were called the Gododdin and they built a fortress on Din Eidyn (the Castle Rock) in 452. A fortress in Din Eidyn, not a castle in Edinburgh, but close.

  1. How did the Romans help the Votadini? They traded with them and received Roman food, ideas and technology.
  2. What was special about the Picts in Edinburgh? They built a fortress on the Castle Rock.