James V

James V 1513 - 1542


Fought to keep Scotland Catholic.

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Many stories talk about the king walking around the city in disguise pretending to be "The Guidman of Ballengeich".

Interesting fact:

James had adventures meeting his mistresses and illegitimate children. He was a romantic who wanted ladies to love him as a man, not because he was king.

The story of The Guidman of Ballengeich and Jock Howieson

The king was attacked by robbers when on his way to meet a lady in Crammond. He was saved by a miller called Jock Howieson. Jock took James back to his house, gave him food and cleaned the king's wounds. The king pretended to be a farmer of royal lands and asked Jock to come with him to Holyrood to see the king…

James IV

The story then says that the king gave the land of Braehead to Jock's family. 200 years later Sir Walter Scott made King George IV and Queen Victoria visit Braehead and they were given water and a towel in recognition of the story.

(to) disguise (v/n)
(to wear) clothes that hide who you are.