Illustration: Tanning

Celts, Picts and Romans

The Votadini were a Celtic tribe and they first started living on the Castle Hill during the first century AD. They lived from the Firth of Forth down to the River Tyne in England, where the city of Newcastle is today. Unfortunately for the Votadini the Roman Empire came to Scotland in the first century AD. The Romans were too strong for the Celtic tribes of Scotland but they didn't want to control the Highlands of Scotland so they built a wall. The Antonine Wall went from the Firth of Forth to the River Clyde and you can still see some bits of it today. The Romans later decided Scotland wasn't a place they liked. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the lack of wine and olives or maybe it was the wild hairy highlanders. Scared of highlanders and hungry for olives, the Romans ran to England and built a new wall, the bigger, more famous Hadrian's wall. They liked walls. Walls and roads. Walls and roads, and wine, and aqueducts.

aqueduct (n)
a bridge for carrying water.
Firth of Forth (n)
the large rever mouth north of Edinburgh.
tribe (n)
a traditional social group.
  1. Who made life difficult for the Votadini? The Romans.
  2. What happened to the Romans in Scotland? They left and built a wall.