James I

James I 1406 - 1437


Was an English prisoner for 19 years and was assassinated by men who wanted to control his son.

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Fought to control the castle.

Interesting fact:

James was a poet, artist and was able to play five different musical instruments. The King was very well-educated and had great knowledge of mechanics, scripture and literature. He probably became good at them because he was in prison for so long with nothing to do.

Illustration: Sports

The multi-talented James also loved hammer-throwing, jousting, archery and was very good at Paume (hand tennis). Sometimes James I even wrestled his own advisers. He also loved chess and was playing it the day he was killed. People say it's nice to die doing something you love, I don't think James would have!

to assassinate (n)
to murder a politican or important person.

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  1. (adj) able to do lots of things very well. multi-talented.