Edinburgh For Everyone: Reviews

Euan MacInnes has been described by Michael Aspel as "a reasonable chap" and "less strange than I imagined" by Richard Herring who also applauded his lack of commercialism. They unfortunately haven't read Edinburgh for Everyone. People who have have said these words. Some are slightly cheeky, some worryingly don't have perfect grammar but hopefully they give you a picture of what people think about the book:

"its the best tourist guid i ever read. its the best history book i ever read. it is one of the funniest books i ever read. and the pictures are really great."
M. Scherzer - Vienna
"A rip roaring read. Edinburgh doesnt get better than this. A triumph. As the title says... it is for everyone"
S. Allen - Edinburgh
"Third most fun I've had with my clothes on and I haven't finished it yet. Eloquent, funny, informative and like crack: very moreish. And I like the pictures."
F. Smith - Edinburgh
"I thoroughly enjoyed it. I gave one to a friend after reading it he lent it to his family then to friends. They are all of the same opinion 'GREAT' 'When is he going to write another one?'"
M. Legrand
"It has some wonderful pictures!"
E. Murdoch - Edinburgh
"It's very easy to read and I have learnt a lot :)"
D. Beltran - Madrid
"I loved it! I think it's great! and It'll be well appreciated by all those who are learning English."
E. Esparza - Madrid
"I adore the book! Charles Stewart's Jakebook profile is hilarious!"
A. Malinka - Surgut
"I learned a lot about Edinburgh and loved it! Recommend it to everyone! Xxx"
J. Stewart - Belfast
"Really for EVERYONE"
A. Grafshonkina - Moscow
"It's really great."
J. Hudson - Boston
"I've enjoyed a lot reading #Edinburghforeveryone. I could understand everything even your sense of humor, its really good. Lots of interesting things, kings, queens, places, stories. Good memories. I can remember a lot of last summer in that beautiful city reading your book, and also learning a lot of new things history, grammar, vocabulary.. so thank you. Now I want to know even more about Edinburgh and come back to visit things that I missed. Everybody has to read it GO ON. :)"
M. Moya Cano - Valencia
"Eek, Edinburgh for Everyone arrived this morning!! It's AMAZING and MAGNIFICENT and I'm very privileged to have a copy."
A. Strange - Cardiff
"Euan MacInnes wrote a book about the city i love!!!!!! today it arrived here in the Netherlands and I am so excited and proud, well done Euan!
p.s you should all order it!"
S. Wulf - Breda
"Euan. I sees your book. You are a star. It is beautiful. (And ace on the inside)."
F. Butt Philip - Wells
"Just read "Edinburgh for Everyone" and it is excellent. A clever mix of history and humour. It is aimed at people learning English but I must say it will most likely be enjoyed by ALL. Well done Euan MacInnes. This book will surely be a big hit."
R. Mitchell - Edinburgh
"Just received my copy of 'Edinburgh for Everyone' from MacInteresting! I was sad to learn that Euan MacInnes is yet to score a goal for his football team :( Well done, great read so far!! :)"
M. Rose